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Basics Of How Korean Women Do Their Makeup

Most Eastern Asians are blessed with fair to milky white complexion and fine pores so having porcelain skin comes naturally to them. Their climate is also one big contributing factor. We also have to commend Korean women for really taking care of their skin by watching what they eat and practicing a good skin care routine religiously.

The very essential product in Korean makeup is the BB cream. This liquid foundation/ moisturizer/ sunscreen product is very effective in giving you that dewy, glowing skin that suits your complexion. You can buy these products from the best Korean beauty store.

Black eyeliners are a must to Korean makeup as this is what they use to enhance their eyes and make it look bigger. For an everyday fresh but subtle look, they tightline their eyes. 

This method will do wonders in making your eyes look larger, brighter and definitely younger. It will also create what is dubbed as the “invisible” eye makeup that has, most likely, left you baffled as to how Koreans have seemingly defined eyes.

Korean women are blessed with a complexion that’s naturally fair. They are fond of using blushes in pink, coral and peach shades in an amount that’s just enough to give a glow that’s healthy.