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Budget Wireless Chargers For Your Smartphone

Qi Wireless Charger is specifically meant for the first & second-generation smartphones that came with wireless charging in the beginning as they don’t support super-fast speeds. You can buy convenient products like uts 1 wireless charger via

It has 75% charging efficiency and comes with 5V/2A. While it is Qi-enabled, it is more towards Gen 1 & Gen 2. The actual charging coil is very small so you will need to perfectly align it.

Wireless Charger is a step up from the previous one as it has a larger charging coil and is more flat which makes sure that heat dissipation is less. It works at 70% efficiency and it is smart enough to work with the phone and go into standby mode once the phone’s charge is 100%. 

It outputs on 5V/2A and comes with a cable that has a micro-USB port. Supports all Samsung & Apple phones along with smartwatches.

Fast Wireless Charger Stand is the charger that Apple consumers wish Apple made but Apple gave up after initial hype. The most unique feature of this charger is that it supports both your phone and smartwatch at the same time.

It supports 10W wireless charging and has a movable stand that supports your smartwatch. It supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 with a 9V/1.67A output.

This Qi Wireless Charger is made by Belkin which is ranked among the top. It is an intelligent charger with the fact that it charges at variable output depending on the phone – charges iPhones at 7.5 W, Samsung at 9 W, and all other phones at 10 W.

This is done to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum heat dissipation which makes sure your electricity bill is a little less. Belkin Boost Up also supports charging through cases with up to 3 mm thickness.