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Different Kinds Of Decal Print For Businesses Today In Australia

Decal printing is image printing with properties that allow them to be transferred to other surfaces. The image here can be anything. However, in the case of a business, it could be a company logo, name, label line, or contact information.  You can also contact the decals printing company by visiting

While all decal prints may look the same to you, but there are different versions that will benefit your company.

Ceramics – This type of decal can of course be applied to ceramic or terracotta items.  Utensils, porcelain and stoneware are prime examples here. With a little effort, these adhesive labels can be printed in gold or glitter colours.

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Glass – Do you have a glass gift? You can customize it or promote your brand and contact information with these sticker prints. Most providers say that the translation is meant for a specific task.

Glaze – This is especially true for the colour under the glaze, which seems to reach perfection due to the firing temperature of the glaze. If your company colours tend to be an earthen palette, this type of adhesive label can be used. Common earth colours are blue, brown, black, terracotta red, and dark green. The good thing is that the seal will not fade at high temperatures.

Metallic – This includes gold, silver, palladium, and painted metal stamping stickers. Can be used on ceramics, glass and other surfaces. Do you sell products with a Rockstar theme? This is for you.