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Different Types Of Blood Pressure Monitors

Changing lifestyles and diet patterns of people result in several ailments that include obesity, high blood pressure levels, heart attacks, and diabetes. No matter if doctors prescribe healthy lifestyles and wholesome diets to people to maintain optimum blood pressure, at some point of time, people become complacent and then, completely ignore the wise words of doctors. If you are suffering from a high or low blood pressure problem, which requires regular monitoring, then you must get yourself a blood pressure monitor. To buy a suitable device, you can go through reviews of best blood pressure monitors by consumer reports. There are several blood pressure monitors available on the market, so let’s discuss what all those types are.

Manual Blood Pressure Monitor – It has been used for decades, and there is a good chance that a doctor might have used it to measure your BP. It contains two parts, a cuff, which is wrapped around the arm, and a squeeze bulb, which is squeezed to inflate the arm cuff. A stethoscope is placed on the cuffed arm to measure the blood pressure.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – It is also called an automatic or electronic monitor. It is very easy to use and includes only an arm cuff or wrist cuff and a gauge. This type of blood pressure monitor is more accurate and easy to use.

Besides these two, there are other types of blood pressure monitors as well, which include pediatric monitors for measuring blood pressure of young children and finger blood pressure monitors, which consist of small cuffs that are wrapped around fingers to measure blood pressure. You can buy the blood pressure as per your convenience and budget.