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Mechanism Behind Automatic Pool Covers

If you are a pool owner, then you will know that owning a pool comes with a lot of maintenance. One of the most important things that a pool need is a pool cover. This will help you to save energy and money as these covers help you to prevent the water from getting easily evaporated.

 Also, an electric-powered pool cover can control the temperature of the water which eliminates the need for using an electric water heating pump or other sources.

These electric pool covers are automatic that can cover and uncover the pool as soon as you activate the system. It definitely helps by making your work much easier more convenient. You can operate it according to your preferences. So, how does it work?

There is a leading-edge tube in the pool cover where the leading edge will be attached. The two edges of the pool cover will run in a parallel manner on the two parallel tracks running on both sides of the pool.

The mechanism behind automatic pool covers is quite simple. It consists of a series of interlocking gears. When you switch on the system, the gears become activated and they will automatically start spinning the heavy aluminum tube. Hence, the pool cover will also start rolling on or off the pool to cover or uncover it.