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What Jobs In Wine Can I Get With A WSET 2 Qualification?

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust – Level 2 Award in Wines is suitable for anyone who wishes to enhance their knowledge on the subject. The qualification offers broad coverage of all product categories in the field of wines. You can enroll yourself in wset seminar to become expert in wine industry.

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Now that you've made the very wise decision to use WSET 2 to maximize your career opportunities in wine,  let's dive into the different types of wine jobs that can be found.

1. Trade and Marketing

If you have a knack for sales and marketing, but are passionate about wine, why not marry the two and get involved in retailing wine in a wine boutique or winery? Or even wholesale and import/export? Or, you can become a wine buyer, wine dealer, or wine consultant.

2. Service and Hospitality

As a waiter or bartender in a restaurant, bar or hotel, WSET 2 takes your service to the next level. Where your lack of wine knowledge is used to confine you to low-end restaurants, suddenly there's an abundance of high-end stuff available – restaurants that demand excellent wine knowledge from their waiters and can afford to sell more expensive bottles to customers. Are you also a good restaurant owner, wine or bar manager, or why not open your own pub or wine bar?

This applies to the hospitality industry from hotels, bars and restaurants to luxury charter boats and cruise ships.