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Vision Therapy Best Treatment In Toronto

Vision therapists can help with vision problems. Vision therapists can help improve the vision and school performance of your child by using a series of eye exercises to strengthen the eyes and the use of eyeglasses.

Vision therapists offer a program that is very different from the one offered by conventional optometrists or ophthalmologists. The program includes exercises in hand eye coordination, focusing on specific objects and sleeping in various positions. Click this link for more information regarding best vision therapy exercises and treatments.


Other doctors are not so sure. Eye exercises are not recommended for correction of vision. They also claim that the evidence supporting vision therapy has been lacking. Ophthalmologists, as well as some optometrists, said that vision therapists are part of a group known as behavioral optometrists. However, this doesn't mean their practice is scientific.

Vision training sessions can be time-consuming, often occurring once or twice per week. They are also expensive over the course of a whole year. Larson stated that there is no evidence to support such training.

It is important to make sure you are not being scammed by unlicensed professionals. Consult an optometrist for help with vision problems.

Optometrists are those who measure the vision range and precision and recommend eyeglasses, contacts lenses or other optical aids that can preserve or restore sight. Although he has a degree in ocular anatomy and pathology, an optometrist cannot treat or diagnose eye diseases.