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What You Don’t Know About Shaft Sealing

Shaft sealing is a process where a shaft is sealed against the elements to protect it from corrosion and pollution. The sealing can be a physical or chemical process. You can get the services of shaft sealing through

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When Sealing is Required

The most common reason for shaft sealing is to prevent corrosion and pollution of the metal in the shaft. Corrosion can cause the shaft to fail, while pollution can cause health concerns. Other reasons for sealing include protection from the elements (such as rain or snow), prevention of noise, and prevention of animal entry into the equipment.

Types of Shaft Sealing Processes

There are two main types of shaft sealing: physical and chemical. Physical sealing uses a sealant to attach the shaft to the enclosure. Chemical sealing uses a chemical that reacts with the surrounding environment to create a seal.

Physical Sealing Processes

The most common type of physical sealing is epoxy cementing. Epoxy cementing uses a mixture of epoxy and Portland cement to create a strong seal between the shaft and enclosure. The sealant can be applied using hand tools, hydraulic presses, or vacuum systems. 

Shaft sealing also has a number of other benefits. One is that it can protect your engine from dirt and debris buildup. This can lead to problems such as decreased fuel efficiency or even a failure. By sealing the shaft, you keep dirt and other particles from getting into your engine, which minimizes these problems.