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Do You Need a New Camera Strap?

To be a great photographer, you don't necessarily need a new strap for your camera. You can use the one that came with your camera. A different strap style can make your photography more comfortable, better fit your needs, or make a fashion statement.

A new camera strap will make carrying your camera for long periods more comfortable and less painful. You can store your memory cards in a pouch, or fit multiple cameras bodies. You might not be in need of a new strap for your camera, but it is okay to have one.

Wrist Straps

A cord connects your camera to your wrist via wrist straps. Most wrist straps attach to your camera at one point. These are best for smaller cameras, such as point and shoot cameras or smaller profiles, mirrorless cameras equipped with a smaller lens. You can choose from many different colors and materials.


The neck strap is your standard camera strap. They attach to the eyelets on both/both sides your camera body. For carrying, the strap can be worn around your neck or across your shoulder. Some models have quick release connectors that allow you to remove the main strap from your neck without removing the eyelets.

Neck straps are made of any material. They are simple to locate, can be adjusted to the length you desire and are often easy to attach.