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All About Choosing Between Screen and Digital Printing

There are many ways to print your tee-shirt design on a T-shirt. And they can produce very different results. This article will discuss screen printing and digital printing. 

Screen printing for T-shirts

You may have tried screen printing simple if you had an art teacher in school. A template is used for each color to create the areas where ink can be applied to the fabric. This principle is used in professional t-shirt printing. However, the actual printing process can be automated once the setup has been completed.

Digital printing

Sometimes, this is called "direct-to-garment digital printing", or simply DTG. This involves applying textile water-based inks on the t-shirt with a specialized digital print. The garment is typically attached to the design using a heat press. If you are searching for direct to garment printing firms, then you can browse the web.


How to choose the best t-shirt printing method?

Many people wonder which technique is best for printing a t-shirt. The best technique will depend on the design of the t-shirt you are printing, as there are different techniques that work better with each design. It all depends on the color you choose to print and the color of your base garment.


Digital T-shirt printing has advanced significantly in recent years. This is no longer a case where screen printing produces the best results. Instead, consider your needs and determine whether screen printing or DTG T-shirt print can best reproduce them.