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Helping Seniors To Help Themselves

One of the unpleasant aspects of aging, both for those going through it and their loved ones, is the realization that they can no longer do things alone in their homes either comfortably or functionally.

At one time, moving in with family members or institutional care seemed the only choice when this happened. To know about foot care for seniors you can visit

What Is Home Senior Care?

Also known as independent living or in-home care, the concept behind home senior care that a senior remains in his or her residence and is helped with daily tasks by an assistant. These tasks could range from preparing meals to driving the senior to the store and assisting with shopping, to providing help with hygiene, grooming, and dressing.

Why Can't A Senior's Relatives Perform These Services?

At first glance, it would certainly seem that a family member could provide the same functions as an in-home caregiver. However, many seniors do not have families available to perform these functions for many reasons.

A family may simply not exist. Or they may be estranged from the senior. Or relatives may live in another town, state, another part of the country, or even in another country, and can only visit infrequently.

In such cases, an in-home caregiver also fills an important function as a companion. The caregiver's daily visits keep the seniors from becoming isolated.

And even if a family lives nearby and makes frequent visits, the demands of their personal lives, such as work and children, mean that they can't spend as much time with a senior as needed. The presence of a daily caregiver relieves family members of the stress involved with trying to provide senior care.