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How To Grow Golden Teacher Mushrooms Using Their Spores In Canada

To learn how to grow Golden Teacher Mushroom, inoculation with the spores can be done using a quality spore mold. Spore Traces are powdery deposits obtained by dropping Golden Master Mushroom spores onto the surface beneath.

Mold spore molds are used as a diagnostic feature in fungal identification to allow the collection of future germination and/or research and the creation of beautiful works of art. You can easily buy the best golden teacher shrooms via

Golden Teacher Mushroom spore prints are made by cutting a sponge cap, which is then placed on something else (usually a paper or glass slide) so the spores fall off the lid to collect.

Gold teacher rubbing paper dispute:

Fold and rub the Golden Teacher Mushroom spore paper so that the spores fall onto the cultured agar medium. (This method is not the best, as concentrated populations of fungal spores are usually grouped together, yielding less than the desired results.)

Germination of Golden Teacher Mushroom spores by printing is best done on agar plates that are nourished on frogs, such as in tissue cloning/agar.

Golden Master Mushroom Scalpel and Spore Strips:

Sterilize the scalpel by passing it through a hot flame, then cooling it on agar. This way the scalpel will be covered with a moist, sticky layer to help the Golden Master mold spores stick there.