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Tips For Easy Maintenance For Mirrors In India

Glass subway tiles make a great material for indoor walls, and for flooring as well. With these tiles that are a tasteful blend of hard-wearing glass and other materials, natural stones, ceramics, steel, etc. homeowners have the advantage to create a scintillating aesthetic environment.

Following are the simple tips and tricks for water spot removal on the mirror:

  • It is a non-porous surface. So there are no chances that dust or spills will cause permanent staining. Even if there are stains, you can get rid of them easily.

  • To remove stubborn, hard, and dried spills, use a damp cloth or towel. Rub the stain with it. And it shall come off.

remove water spots from glass

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  • If the dried spill doesn’t go off, dampen the cloth in warm (or warm soapy) water.

  • Some stains are so strong that they will not go easily. You could use clear vinegar to remove such spills.

  • Never use hard, abrasive, or wired brush on your glass subway tiles. They will tear away the upper surface of your tile.

If there is a scratching on your tile, you can fix it by grinding the surface down to the level of scratch. After that, you can apply the polish over it and fix the damage permanently.

Glass subway tiles offer care-free, hassle-free maintenance. The cost of the maintenance is not really a burden on your budget. If you are looking to add some light and shine in your indoor areas, this is the material to use on your walls.