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Jamaica Travel Guide: The Best Beaches and Sights & Top Tips

White sandy beaches, reggae sounds, and rum – Jamaica has everything you need! You will find all the clichés you have been hearing in your head on a trip there.

Or, to use the local expression "Yamen, no problem man!" Jamaicans make a Caribbean island trip so special. You can also book your Jamaica trips and excursions online.

15 Best Jamaica Tours - The Crazy Tourist

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This blog article will share our personal tips to help you plan your trip to Jamaica. 

How to get around Jamaica: What's there to see?

The west is the most touristy area in Jamaica. The east and south regions are more tranquil and relaxed. The tourist areas of interest can be divided in the following manner.

Negril is a remote area of Jamaica that gives you a true Caribbean feel. This is where you will find Seven Mile Beach, the paradisiac paradise.

Montego Bay, also known as "MoBay" & environs: This is a tourist hot-spot that boasts countless hotels. Here, international flights arrive most often, and cruise ships dock.

South Coast: Other pristine beaches, e.g. Treasure Beach is located on the southern coast.

The Blue Mountains is Jamaica's longest and most well-known mountain range. Blue Mountain Peak is 2,256m high.

Kingston: The capital city of Jamaica, is located near the Blue Mountains. Kingston isn't home to many tourist attractions, so some tourists make a round trip from Kingston.

Round trip from your home base or excursions?

You can't go wrong with a round-trip if you want to see the west and the east. It takes approximately four to five hours from Negril to Kingston. This way, you can see a lot more of the country.

It is possible to concentrate on the touristy, well-developed part of western Jamaica.