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Massage Therapy as a Natural Remedy

Relying on the body to heal itself through gentle manipulation is a centuries-old technique. Our ancestors understood that in order for the body to be healthy, the mind and spirit had to follow suit. The focus on overall body health continues to this day, which is why massage therapy is such a popular treatment. You can consider the best massage and natural remedy services at marlborough house therapy center.

Massage therapy is used as part of osteopathy treatment and has a lot to offer patients. It can relieve a long list of ailments, which consist mostly of strained muscles and sprains. However, massage is more than just a manipulation of the musculoskeletal system: the relief it causes is very important to the mind, especially for people suffering from psychological stress.

  • Back pain

Back pain has become one of the main reasons people miss work. Computers that are used all day put tremendous pressure on the neck, shoulders, and especially the waist. It also weakens the muscles as there is no activity for hours to strengthen them. The result is not only pain that gets worse without medication or exercise, but weight gain, another problem that many people face.

  • Movement restriction

Past or present injuries and illnesses can limit movement and this can lead to major lifestyle problems. In addition to stretching exercises, massage therapy can make joints and tendons more flexible and relax muscles. By increasing blood circulation, the range of motion is extended and posture is improved.

  • Depression and anxiety

Mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety can be corrected with massage therapy. The calm atmosphere and gentle manipulation lower cortisol levels, a steroid hormone that suppresses the immune system and raises blood sugar and pressure. Massage also increases the production of serotonin and dopamine, both of which are neurotransmitters.