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Groom’s Suit in Ireland

Traditionally people have more to say about the bride's dress than about the groom's attire. But it doesn't mean that the groom can't be as stylish as his beloved is. After all, it's his wedding too and he should stand out in the crowd!

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How to Choose a Suit

Lots of men hate wearing suits and ties. But your favorite jeans are definitely not appropriate for the wedding day. Which criteria should you follow when choosing a wedding suit? First of all, consider your body shape.

If you are tall and slim you should avoid vertical details, which will visually make you taller. Choose a simple jacket with an accurate outline and make sure it's not too short.

You may choose a two-button jacket with short lapels and patch pockets – all these elements will visually shorten you. Narrowed at the bottom trousers with pleats will be ideal for you. A traditional tie can be replaced by a bow tie. Choose a collared shirt and don't put on a vest with colorful patterns.

If you are not thin, then horizontal lines will do you harm, emphasizing your figure. The style of a jacket and trousers should draw attention to your shoulders hiding your waist.

A semi-fitted two or three-button jacket without patch pockets can be a good variant for you. A high waistline of the trousers will elongate your legs. Dark soft fabrics with vertical patterns can make you taller.