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Common Pet Health Issues

There are several pet’s health issues such as Arthritis, Bloat Gastric Torsion, Cancer In Animals, Canine Parvovirus, Diabetes Mellitus, Distemper.

Another thing that may not be so obvious is a sudden change in your pet's behavior. Has your otherwise docile pet become suddenly very aggressive toward others?  you can also donate money to animal charity organizations via

This could be a sign of a developing health problem, such as the onset of an illness or perhaps the poisoning of your pet by commercial dog food. Since this is becoming more of a problem these days, it should be checked by your veterinarian before it gets any worse.

There are new studies suggesting that the pet food we serve our pets can be hazardous to their health due to the large quantities of chemicals that are being added to the base ingredient, either by design or by accident when using salvaged parts of other animals that already have the chemicals in their system.

Your first line of defense in keeping your pet healthy is you. You need to know your animal, their habits, and their health to the extent that you know your children's.

If you choose to have an animal be a part of your family you must remember that the animal can be a detriment to the health of the humans in the household if it becomes ill. Be fair to your family. Be fair to your pets.

It was not their choice to be there, so it is your responsibility to take care of them. Stay in contact with the veterinarian, make sure your pet has all their shots, and give them all the love and attention you can. Be proactive, not reactive. Try not to have to worry about your pet's health issues. You will all be healthier and happier for it!