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How to Replace Your Purse With an iPhone Wallet Case?

Ladies, how often do you go shopping and really hate carrying big and heavy bags? The elegant bag allows you to carry basic items that you would normally carry in your bag.

1. Open the box to see the entire room. From the outside it may not look like this suitcase has many functions, but actually this suitcase has many functions from the inside. You will find a place to store all your necessities with the help of excellent credit card cases & holders or buy online via ACASO.

2. Find the ID and credit card slot in the iPhone wallet. You can store several different credit cards as well as your SIM. It's going to be a great shopping day!

3. Find the zippered money pocket and coin pocket on the case. You'll find great places to keep your dollars as well as good places to keep all your money. Often these items get stuck in the bottom of the bag, but with this case that is no longer a problem.

4. Find the quick accessory pocket on the outside of the iPhone wallet. This compartment is usually used for cell phone accessories, but is also a great place to store things like lipstick, makeup, and more.

5. Finally, slip your phone into the universal mobile device pocket on the case. It will not only contain the traditional iPhone, but also other popular mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPod Touch and many other phone models and devices.

With the iPhone wallet case, you have everything you need for a day of shopping!