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Physical Therapy Exercises For The Knee After Surgery That Are Provided To Patients In Lutherville

Physical therapy exercises are an important and imperative aspect of rehabilitation for the knee after surgery. In the period after the surgical procedure, patients who recover must start such exercises under the guidance of a professional. Every time the muscles are not used, they tend to be weak and do not do the moving function and support the body correctly. 

Patients may not use their leg muscles because of knee problems, causing their weaknesses. By doing suggested exercises, strength can be restored. Experienced physiotherapists offer active life physiotherapy in Lutherville to enhance the quality of life and overall wellness of the patients.

In Your Corner with CORA: Total Knee Replacements

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Post-surgical rehabilitation objectives

  • The muscle that is most affected by the surgical procedure is the front thigh muscle (Vastus Intermedius, Vastus Lateralis, Rectus Femoris, and Vastus Medialis). Physical therapy rehabilitation after knee surgery is done to achieve a specific goal:
  • Independence in walking and going up and downstairs
  • Getting the knee back to the appropriate motion range because the muscles and tendons may be stiff because the movements are limited during and after the procedure
  • Protect against further injury

Rebuild strength in the joints so that patients will be able to support their weight for ordinary daily tasks. Regular and regular sports programs will help achieve these goals. People from different age groups can benefit from such programs.

Physical therapy exercises adopted after knee surgery 

  • Stretching: The fundamental stretch movement will help to relax the front of the foot and also to increase the flexibility of the general underground extremities.
  • Strengthening Isometric: This helps develop strength by muscle contracts in such a way that there is no knee bending. Patients may be able to improve and feel the power of contraction for the muscles that are decided or weak.