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An Overview of Solid Works

Not so long ago, the company has a large drafting department. Workers' handmade detailed technical drawings are concisely delivered all the specifications for converting ideas into physical form. However, about twenty years ago the program Design (CAD) Computer-Aided Software debuted on the market. CAD operator training can eliminate some of the designers.

As the use of personal computers increased, eventually engineers, designers, and architects began to do their own drafting work. Today anyone who is involved in any kind of design work on the car, perfume bottles, and even students, the use of Computer-Aided Design program. One of the best known in the market package is Solid Works. You can find Solidworks 3d modeling services from various online sources.

Introduced in 1995, SolidWorks is a three dimensional mechanical CAD program that runs on Microsoft Windows. This year SolidWorks licenses sold one million units, making it one of the most popular products in the 3D mechanical CAD market.

With its Windows-like user interface and the use of standard conventions, such as toolbars, menus, and icons button command, SolidWorks felt familiar and relatively easy to use given the complex nature.

Work usually begins with a two-dimensional sketch. At first, it looks like a geometric sketch that consists of points, lines, and arcs. Dimension is then applied to determine the size and location. Relationships are used to define attributes – for example, if certain parts being parallel or perpendicular. Set the dimensions and relationships to encourage geometry which is why it is known as a parametric feature-based approach to create the model.

This has dramatically changed the way products are designed. Some changes can be quickly created and tested. SolidWorks is the first to offer users the ability to playback through design development to make changes and add additional features. The result is a dramatic reduction in the amount of time spent on design and testing.