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A Proper Cup Of Tea In West Palm Beach

Is it hard to find a coffee shop or teahouse that will make a great cup of tea? I love a full body cup of tea and I've always found that most cafes are willing to produce a slightly weaker tea. Either they don't use good quality tea bags, or they don't let the tea drain, or they do it in your teacup – which never tastes as good as a cup of tea made in a teapot.

We recently travelled to West Palm Beach, Florida to see all the monuments in the area. During the day we found a nice cafe Serenity Garden Tea House & Cafe in West Palm Beach, FL. This cafe is located in the main square. 

The cafe is a bit of the old fashioned charm of this historic town. The cafe has a limited number of tables inside, but there are also a few tables outside, perfect for hot summer days.

I was surprised to read the menu and found that there was a selection of teas not only served in the cafe but also sold in house. By the way, they also take orders for tea leaves over the phone.

Teas are marked with a time of production and a description of their taste. It was immediately clear to me that I was about to drink a delicious cup of tea that I wanted to drink. And I was absolutely right about that. I enjoy this tea.