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Strategies To Help Your Child Quit Their Thumb-sucking Habit

While most children stop sucking their thumb before they even enter kindergarten, it's you who knows your child best – and if you feel they need a little extra intervention, there are lots of strategies and products out there that can help. You can also know more about how to quit thumb sucking through various websites.

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Here are some strategies that work best for children who want to quit this habit:

Use bitter nail paint

In addition, an approach used with aggressive nail rodents, unpleasant-tasting nail paint used to fingers can hinder a thumb sucker.

However, some experts do not support this method because it is not the best method to break your child's habit. 

But for kids who are urged to quit and just want a quick reminder not to suck, tasting this stuff can keep them on track. In addition, it is discreet and does not hinder movement.

Observe the pattern as they suck their thumb

If you notice your child sucking their thumb before bed, they may just need another way to relax and get ready for bed. 

You can try offering a glass of warm milk or herbal tea, which is safe for young children before nighttime teeth brushing.

If you find that they put their thumb in their mouth whenever they are angry, anxious, or sad, help them find other coping mechanisms – such as mindfulness exercise – to replace thumb sucking.

Set rules or limits

Telling your kid they can suck their thumb only in bed or while watching TV is a great way to break the habit without changing it into a power conflict. Your child still gets to do it, but will probably need it less and less over time.