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Overview Of Compliance Testing

Compliance tests are performed to maintain and ensure the proper status of the life of the software. Every industry has regulatory and compliance bodies that protect end-users.

For the shipping and logistics industry, the Office on Foreign Assets and Control (OFAC) has issued several special regulations for designated nationals. You can also look for efficient radiation compliance and physics testing service through various online sources.

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In the health care sector, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) includes a part of administrative simplification that mandates the protection of patient information resources.

This compliance testing mainly important for hospital’s devices. This test determines whether or not the device meets its regular standard.

The software used in the pharmaceutical business, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) established legislation comes into the picture.

 Checklist for Compliance Testing:

-Professionals who have knowledge, experience, and understand regulatory compliance must be retained.

-Understand the risks and effects of violations.

-Document the process and follow them. 

-Perform an internal audit and follow a plan of action to fix the problem.


Compliance tests are performed to ensure compliance of results at each stage of the development life cycle. This standard must be well understood and documented by management. If necessary, training and meetings should be arranged for the team.

The compliance testing is mainly carried out during the inspection process and the results of the inspection process must be well documented.