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Custom Framing Your Art

You should frame your original or limited edition artwork properly to prolong its life. Knowing the best methods to frame art is a guarantee that you are making an investment.

First, ensure you choose a trusted framer who has the right education and experience.

You should choose a mat and frame that is not too overwhelming for the artwork. The artwork should be the main focal point, and the framing must complement it. You should reconsider your choices if the frame or mat is the first thing you see when you enter a room. You should not frame art that isn't in keeping with your decor. The  framed canvas art  will make your room beautiful. Custom framing means getting the perfect frame for your artwork.

Canvas Wall Art Prints Red Tree Lake Moon Picture One Panel Large Size, Modern Framed Panoramic Landscape Artwork - Farmhouse Goals

You should frame paper with an acid-free mat or rag mat if you plan on framing it. Standard mats can cause your artwork to burn and decrease in value. This is not what you want. There are many mats and frames available, so even in an acid-free area, there is plenty of choices. Two mats are better than one, and often a third mat can give a stunning look. You will want to be able to see any artwork with nicely rounded edges. Your framer will hinge your artwork using acid-free products, and then float it on the mat to make it visible. A second mat is used to flatten watercolors, pastels, and chalk on. This allows dust to fall from the art and creates a space for it to be seen.