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The Coffee Bar A Great Idea for Weddings

As a way to encourage interaction and entertainment, the "bar" theme has been around for many years. It includes cigar bars, candy bars, and ice cream bars. A coffee bar, which is a twist on the traditional "bar" theme of weddings, can be a great addition to any fall or winter wedding. 

One can be set up during the ceremony, reception or dessert hour. You can encourage guests to make a cup of coffee now or later by giving them a cappuccino or espresso flavor.

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Ask the Wedding Professional: Espresso Dave's Catering Service - I DO Y'ALL

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Coffee and tea are two of the most popular beverages worldwide. These beverages are consumed by many of your guests, whether they drink a cup of strong coffee in the morning or a cup of soothing tea at night. 

You might consider having several stations set up around the reception, with "bar" areas where guests can enjoy their drinks at any time. You can have a coffee bar at your reception. Some people love a cup of good coffee before or after dinner.

What else should you add to a coffee bar? You should make sure that you have all the necessary additions to make your coffee bar an exceptional one.  

The catering hall could offer cappuccino and espresso as well as lattes or warm apple cider. Don't forget to include this theme in your wedding favours. Coffee lovers will love to take home a customized or personalized wedding roast to brew the next day.