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The Essentials of Restaurant Customer Service

No matter if you're just beginning your journey in the restaurant industry or you've been operating a restaurant for many years, customer service must be a top priority in the daily operation of the company. The restaurant's success and failures are usually focused on customer service and restaurant marketing services in Houston. It begins with the moment a patron is seated in your restaurant until the time they leave.

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Customer service at a restaurant that goes beyond the expectations of customers leads to regular customers as well as positive word-of-mouth for attracting new customers. It can also set the atmosphere for your restaurant as well as the dining experience to follow. In the end, first impressions matter in a restaurant.

Servers who are pleasant, smiley, and determined to please their customers create an inviting atmosphere. To go above and beyond and make the manager or owner open the doors and greet every customer when they arrive, engage with guests at the table during service, and then thank the patrons for their support when they depart. 

A great service is small, personal details, such as presenting customers with a small mint when they pay or offering a complimentary drink or cake for a memorable occasion or asking guests to share their experience prior to when they depart.

Some restaurant tips for customer service that are frequently overlooked include making sure to answer the phone within two rings, giving diners names of servers, creating relationships by asking guests open-ended questions, asking about food allergies, and knowing the location of your restaurant for visitors from out of town.