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What is Gerson Therapy & Should you Try it?

Gerson Therapy is a natural holistic health treatment that is based on the concept of activating the body’s ability to naturally heal itself with the help of an organic, plant-based diet, enema and health supplements.

Gerson Therapy was initially designed to treat his debilitating migraines and went on to become a treatment for other degenerative illnesses like tuberculosis, diabetes and even cancer. You can also look for gerson therapy diet via

Gerson Therapy works at getting to the root of the cause – toxicity and nutritional deficiency. By drinking copious amounts of organic juices and getting regular enemas, the therapy aids in flushing out toxins and replacing them with a super dosage of enzymes, nutrients and minerals. As toxins enter our body through the air we breathe, the food we eat, medicines we take, it’s important to clear these from our system through the Gerson Therapy process.

Should You Try Gerson Therapy?

Gerson Therapy also involves discipline and effort to follow this new lifestyle and routine, which includes cooking and juicing at home throughout the day for at least two years or more. Undergoing Gerson Therapy is like a full-time job and is a commitment to eliminating toxins and toxic materials from the environment and body.

It is also not for certain types of individuals who cannot eat, drink and go to the bathroom normally or for organ transplant recipients. Those who have undergone chemotherapy, have diabetes, brain metastases, severe kidney damage, and have foreign bodies like screws and plates in them, also should not start Gerson Therapy, unless under the supervision of a Gerson Therapy practitioner.