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What Is Ro Water Analysis?

Ro water analysis is a technique used to determine the levels of lead and other metals in a water sample. The process involves running the sample through a device that separates the different elements based on their weight.

The results of the analysis can help identify any potential sources of metal contamination in the water. A ro water analysis machine has two sections: a test chamber and an output device. 

The test chamber is designed to hold the sample of water while it is being tested. You can find information regarding  ro water analysis via

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It consists of a glass jar filled with a sand-like material through which the water sample passes as it flows through the machine. Next, the element of choice is added to make it easier to separate them during the testing process. After that, the result is displayed on an LCD screen.

Ro Water Analysis Result. As stated above, a ro water analysis results can identify potentially harmful metals in your drinking water. This can help you determine whether there are any sources of contamination or not and what type of treatment should be given to your water.

A ro water analysis is a quick and easy method of testing for harmful metals like lead, copper, zinc, cadmium and mercury in your drinking water. It does not require any equipment or chemicals so it is very convenient to carry everywhere you go.