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When Your Fear of Flying Is Fueled By Claustrophobia

The fear of being in a small enclosed space known as claustrophobia is a very common phobia. Everyone is claustrophobic to an extent. Nobody likes to feel suffocated or invaded their personal space.

Anyone who has ever been stuck in an elevator, crowded subway train or airplane can see the fear of an enclosed space. You can find the best airplane phobia from various online sources.

Fear of Flying

It is a natural human reaction to nervousness when you feel that you have limited mobility due to being in a limited space. The mind runs with thoughts of being trapped and in fear of what might happen if this restlessness lasts for a long time.

Claustrophobia can be caused by a painful experience or the need to always be in control. There are several reasons that claustrophobia affects some people worse than others. A person who suffers from the sensitivity of being in enclosed places, has to live with this constant fear and disruption of his daily life.

A simple flight can cause physical pain. The fear of being trapped in an airplane unable to move freely or leave the situation can cause panic. There is no control of your situation.

An hour on a plane can feel like a lifetime to someone who suffers from acute claustrophobia. A claustrophobic who suffers from panic attacks may be forced to make negative life choices to accommodate their disorder.