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Where To Report/Complaints Web Hosting Frauds?

Fraud on the web is not new. Despite all efforts by service providers and software developers, you will find definite intentions of hundreds of mails of fraud received or spread via the net. There are some gangs who create specific websites of well-known banks and other significant agencies and forward them to clients, asking them to enter their login and password.

It is no longer a secret that they're stealing identities and the next time you enter your bank accounts, you may be amazed to see that you have lost all your cash. Now banks are sending letters to each of their customers notifying them of phishing attacks and other deceptive transactions. Keep reading this article to get more information on criminal justice complaint web hosting services.

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The easiest way to stop a lot of these attacks is to leave any mail from any unknown sources unattended. Additionally to see that each of the websites that do credit card transactions is secure. Do not make any trades with other, unknown websites that are not sure of the background, particularly credit card information, etc.

Constantly check the browser status bar to ensure you link with the mouse in an email or on another website. The website you're about to see is safe and then click it once you confirm that the link is safe to access.

Now distinct governments set up separate agencies to bring these criminals to justice. There's an action in the United States, called the Identity Theft and Assembling Detection Act, which was passed by the US Congress in 1998, to address Identity Theft. In accordance with this act, if anyone commits such an offense, the case will be investigated by the Secret Service, FBI, or Postal Inspection Service. In India, cyber laws like managing instances of internet crimes are governed by the Information Technology Act, 2006.

Some hosting companies also engage in fake services such as offering free space and free domain name, which is actually registered in the name of the hosting business and you cannot alter the service provider.