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Wicker Cushions – Tips To Buying Wicker Cushions

Adding wicker cushions to your outdoor furniture set allows you to add style to your outdoor spaces. With the vast color, material and pricing options available, finding the best cushions can take some time.

You can buy comfort company cushions at most furniture and home stores, and if you know what you are looking for, there are also several online retailers who sell a variety of cushion options.

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To finding the best cushions is to measure your wicker pieces and make a list of exactly what you want. Some pieces may only require seat cushions while others may need cushions for both the seat and the back.

Take down the dimensions and the number of cushions you need. Getting the wrong size cushions not only makes the outdoor furniture look cheap, it can also create a great deal of discomfort for the person trying to relax in it.

So before falling in love with a certain color or pattern, make sure the wicker cushions you are looking at are the right width, length and height to fit your furniture perfectly.

Now, take a look at your budget. If you only need a few cushions, you may be able to spend a little more money for each one than if you are trying to cover a large sectional sofa with seat and back cushions.

Take your total budget and divide it by the number of cushions you need to determine how much you can afford per cushion. Most stores keep styles of wicker cushions in price categories, so this will allow you to focus on the cushion offerings within your price range.