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Why You Should Sell on Amazon?

You are going to get so much in a little bit of time and with a lot less work! Here are some reasons that will compel you to go onboard with Amazon:

  1. Your store is open 24/7 – You can actually make money while sleeping! Amazon allows its customers to shop anytime and anywhere. The best part is you don't need to worry about the order placements. Sit on your couch and wait for the magic money that appears in your bank with literally half of the work!
  2. Sell Globally – You are putting your product on one of the most visited shopping destinations among millions of shoppers. That's a great opportunity to crack!
  3. Secure payments- It has given you the benefit of a secured payment every 7 days. Your amount will be directly credited to your bank accounts even on cash on delivery orders.
  4. Stress-Free delivery – If you chose to become an Amazon FBA seller, then Amazon seller customer services allow you to sit back and relax and do all the work of delivery including, storing, packaging, shipments, and delivery.
  5. Amazon PPC management – Amazon also lets you run ads on pay per click basis. If your products are not organically ranking, then you can choose to run paid ads to increase your sales conversion

You can know about amazon catalog at

How to Contact Amazon's Catalog Team

How to sell on Amazon?

Okay, now you know about all the good things you can get from selling on Amazon, and you are pretty much convinced to start selling. But, how do you get started? It's a simple procedure, here you go:

  1. Register Your Amazon Seller Account: To start selling, you first need to create your seller account. For that, you need to have your tax information (GST Number & PAN) and an active bank account.
  2. Create your listings: You need to list your products after a successful registration. Use attractive images and good descriptions of your product for decent organic rankings.