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The Details Of Biometric Attendance Machine

Biometrics, a new technology, allows a company or educational institution to be extremely certain of who is actually on their premises. Biometrics work on the basis that each person has unique fingerprints, and that no two fingerprints are identical. 

Biometrics involves taking the fingerprints of each person who enters the premises and feeding them to the machine. If you want to get more entails about biometric attendance system visit

How does the Biometric Attendance Machine work?

Any finger reader machine will start with scanning. The machine would scan fingerprints and then feed them in, re-matching each time they are used. Many people don't know that scanning is done according to body heat.

Biometric is also a combination of binary systems. It feeds fingerprint details to the system in binary codes. Each fingerprint is assigned a unique binary code, which makes it easy to identify in one go and also instantly. 

The biometric attendance device's algorithm is permanent and cannot be changed. The biometrics are not available for modification once they have been entered.

Where are the Biometric devices used?

This is used to verify who has entered the building or premises, and not just for attendance. Biometrics are also used indoor locking systems. People cannot be allowed to enter high-profile or restricted areas if they are not authorized by a register or other means.