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Breast Reduction Surgery: A Long-Term Success and Satisfaction

Many women fear having to have surgery. This is especially true if the procedure involves parts of our bodies that are private, such as our breasts. Our breasts are a major part of who we are as women and how satisfied we feel about ourselves. 

It is important to realize that your long-term satisfaction with breast reduction depends on what you expect and how the surgery is performed.

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However, there are important questions about the long-term satisfaction and the outcome of this surgery. Here are some key points

1) As we age, our breasts begin to sag and lose their shape. With gravity's constant tug, the muscles lose their ability to hold the breasts in place. The result is flattening and drooping.

2) Pregnancy: The average woman will gain between 25 and 50 pounds (11-23 Kilograms) during her pregnancy. This weight gain can be part of a healthy and safe pregnancy. However, breast growth and other long-term changes can cause concern for women.

3) Post-Pregnancy: Breasts lose volume and become smaller. They often show stretch marks or discoloration.

4) Body Type: Each woman is different, with her unique style, personality, and body type. Women who have experienced similar problems can have different levels of satisfaction depending on their individual characteristics. This includes height, girth, and breast shape, as well as lifestyle and expectations.

5) Weight: Studies show that women who are significantly overweight, then lose a lot of their excess weight, tend to be less satisfied with breast reduction surgery than those who first lose weight and then have breast reduction surgery.