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3 Steps To Becoming A Better Craniosacral Practitioner

We all want to be great practitioners. We go to class, study work, and then come back and try to put it into practice. Some come easily and some are less.

Why is it easier to incorporate some information into our practice and not easy for other information? What's more important is what we can do to make it easier. You can also look for a craniosacral practitioner via

craniosacral practitione

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1. Block your energy leaks:

If we are careful during our healing day, we will find that sometimes we are very careful and there are other cases we are not. Watch for times when you weren't careful. 

What's the difference between being fully present. Find a point on your body/mind/soul where your attention is "exhausted" and keep it. Yes, it's that simple. 

2. Stay in touch with the network:

This may sound obvious, but CranioSacral Therapy is a "hand" therapy. This means that we want to know what is happening across the fascia … even when the human body wants energetic work. 

3. Stay away from your ego:

It's not about you. Then. Look for small snacks. If you want it. Look for small snacks. When you are proud of what you have done for your clients, look for small rewards. There is a topic here. Our egos love to be caressed.