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What Does Final Mile Delivery Mean?

The final mile delivery, also known as last-mile delivery, is the last step of the product's journey. It is the point at which the good is finally delivered to the end customer—i.e. the consignee. 

The final mile is key to achieving high customer satisfaction but is often the most time-consuming and costly stage of the entire shipping process. To know more about this delivery you must navigate to this site.

There are five key steps in the final mile logistics process:

Step 1: Orders placed by customers are entered into a centralized system.

Step 2: Goods ordered are shipped to the transportation hub before delivery to the final recipients.

Step 3: Orders are assigned to delivery drivers based on the most efficient truck routes given the required locations.

Step 4: Warehouse staff scan orders before they are loaded into delivery vehicles.

Step 5: The order is successfully delivered to the customer and proof of delivery is captured.

Businesses of all sizes actually face big challenges in their final mile processes. All the potential delivery routing options, differing driver skill levels and service/installation times changing road conditions, varying truck capacities, etc. create a level of complexity that makes the last mile inherently inefficient. In short, maximizing capacity and on-time delivery at the same time is a Herculean task.