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What are other uses for a H2S Scrubber?

It is common for some people to use the separated H2S gas as a source of energy. People have used this method to power their homes (sometimes producing enough energy to heat the home during winter months) or boilers that they use in their homes. Many people believe it will be much easier to produce clean energy once there is less H2S pollution around us. So, at H2S Zero, we should start experimenting with new uses for the h2s air scrubber and biogas scrubber


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Cleaning Up The Oceans: Some scientists have been experimenting with using H2S as an alternative aquaculture technique for growing shellfish and other marine life in our oceans. Shellfish are an important food source for many marine animals, but our H2S scrubber is a great tool for many different applications. Here are a few other uses for a H2S scrubber:

  • Removing impurities from water

  • Removing contaminants from air and soil

  • Processing biomass and garbage

  • Preventing corrosion on metal  

Scrubbing corrosion products off of metal, pipes, etc.Chemical Absorption / Chemical Reactions: The process of chemical reactions can be used to separate the H2S gas from the water. Once separated, the H2S gas can be released and captured using a scrubber such as a H2S Scrubber. 

Many people find this method to be the best and most effective method of H2S Scrubbing. The water is treated with a chemical reaction that causes water to separate from the H2S gas. The water is then collected and reused (or not). Some people are experimenting with using the water in a reclamation process.

Could You Pay Less With an H2S Scrubber Rather Than Buying It Outright?

There are many benefits of using an H2S scrubber instead of buying it outright. One of the most important benefits is that you can pay less for an H2S scrubber.

When you buy an H2S scrubber outright, you will have to pay for the machine and the gas that it uses. With an H2S scrubber, you only have to pay for the machine itself. This means that you will be able to save money on your bill.