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Indoor Plants with their Frequently Asked Questions

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Indoor plants play a role in bringing the shine out of our interiors. But wait, there’s more. Indoor plants are also known to be beneficial to the environment and to humans. However, many amateurs make mistakes which can sometimes lead to problems to the plant and in some cases, death. This is due to having less information about the plant leading to doubts and questions. These are those FAQs every homeowner owning an indoor plant should know about.

  1. Can you give a list of Indoor Plants that are Considered Best? –Aspidistra, succulents, aglaonema, dracaenas, and philodendrons are considered as the best indoor plants.
  2. How do I Re-pot an Indoor Plant? – Indoor plants do require repotting allowing them in their growth. It’s a lengthy process where the information can be accessed on the internet.
  3. How would I care Indoor Plant – It is absolutely important to consider the type of indoor plant before caring for them. It’s important because every type of indoor plant requires different care which isn’t the same.
  4. How does an Indoor Plant die? – Underestimating the amount of water and light offered to the plant, ignoring completely are the most common reasons leading to the death of the indoor plant.
  5. How many years does an Indoor plant live? – The average age of an indoor plants is roughly 2 to 5 years. During these years, you can expect growth and survival provided you follow all the steps mentioned-above to care for your plant.

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