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Wine Tasting Tips For Beginners

Wine tasting can be separated into two realms – professional wine tasting or leisure wine tasting. With professional tasting, the taster needs to evaluate it thoroughly, addressing things like the wine's origin, and discerning whether the wine would increase its value with cellaring or whether it should be sold and drunk straight off the shelf. You can also look for the online wine courses.

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If you're leisure wine tasting, you're tasting purely for pleasure. Wine should be in its most optimum condition such as be chilled if it's a white wine. Tasting wine for pleasure should also be an educational experience, enhancing your knowledge and overall tasting experience.

Ensure you consume wine in top conditions:

Wine tastes its best if it's served in a certain condition. This condition constitutes temperature, your palate's state and the time of day it's consumed. The best temperature to serve wine is in the low 20s Celsius. Your palate should be clear of any strong flavours. Steer away from cigarettes, chilli and menthol flavors, for example. Finally, your palate is most attuned during late morning.

Be in good health:

There's no point tasting wine if you are sick. If your senses are affected, you won't be tasting the wine at all or in a heavily distorted manner. If you really want to enjoy your wine, make sure you are in a healthy state.

What to look for:

A good wine has an acidic or sour taste. Often this is balanced well with sweetness. You know a wine is off if it strongly smells and tastes of vinegar.