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4 Reasons Why NATO Watch Straps Are Awesome

The History of NATO Watch Straps

In 1973, the British Ministry of Defense introduced the NATO strap. The original name of the NATO strap was G10 due to the G1098, or G10 as it was short, which required that all British army personnel fill out to obtain one. It is called NATO because it has a NATO Stock Number (NSN). The strap was initially only available in admiralty gray and 20mm width.

Here are some benefits of NATO Straps Arkiver (in English “NATO Straps Archives”).

1. Interchangeable quickly

NATO straps can be interchanged quickly. Switching between straps takes less than a minute. You can easily mix and match straps to your fashion.

 nato stropper

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2. Comfortable

The NATO strap was made for military use and had to remain exactly where it was. NATO straps are double-looped behind watches, creating 2 nylon straps under them. This holds the case in place.

3. Protection

The strap was required to be safe as it was worn in the British military. If a spring bar fails, the double loop behind the watch protects it.

4. Durable

NATO straps were made for military use and are very durable. The strap is resistant to dirt and water. The strap can be cleaned easily by hand with warm soapy water or in a laundry bag.