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Choosing A Wooden Casket

The cremation industry reached a point where it’s nearly impossible to find a storefront or even a funeral home with a traditional wall sculpture metal. It might be time to consider the smart choice of purchasing a wooden casket. When it comes to burying someone, there are a lot of choices to be made. Whether the person is alive or dead, they need to be placed in the right box.

Wooden caskets are much less expensive than metal ones. This is especially true if you opt for a pre-made casket instead of making your own. Although wood can decay and splinter over time, it's still a very durable material. Many caskets are made from hardwoods like oak or maple, which can last for many years.

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A wooden casket will likely look more traditional than a metal one. This can be important if you want to send your loved one off with dignity. Wooden caskets provide a natural burial option for those who want to avoid embalming and the toxins that are released when a body is treated with formalin. It's also eco-friendly because wooden caskets require no metal reinforcements or fasteners, which can contaminate the earth.

The downside of wooden caskets is that they are heavier than metal or plastic caskets and may not be as accommodative, depending on the size and shape of the coffin. Additionally, wooden coffins may require more maintenance than other types of caskets, including sealant and protection from moisture and decay.

In general, however, wooden caskets are seen as being more durable than other options and are often carried by long-standing funeral home businesses. Some people prefer wood caskets because they feel that it is a more natural and traditional way of burial. 


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