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Hormonal Fluctuations May Make Women Vulnerable To Cocaine Addiction

Consistent use of cocaine among the more addictive drugs results in molecular neuroadaptations to the brain, which alters its functions and alters your dopamine reward systems. Consistent use of a substance may cause permanent changes in the brain's neuronal circuitry as well as intracellular responses.

The theory is that females are more inclined to cocaine, and have a greater chance of relapse after abstinence as opposed to males. Recent research appears to have identified the cause for this increased susceptibility of women to addiction to cocaine and the relapse. There are some reliable cocaine addiction rehab center, that provide programs & therapies for fast recovery.

Researchers at The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) are investigating the ways that fluctuating levels of estrogen in women can cause them to be more sensitive to the gratifying results of the drug cocaine. The results of the study could help to prepare the ground for any treatment program that is to be developed in the future for addicts of cocaine.

The researchers conducted their preclinical studies on rodents they discovered that females treated with hormone treatments showed a higher desire for cocaine. This suggests that estrogen can cause an alteration in dopamine signaling, which could affect the resilience to cocaine-related signals.

Although cocaine is among the most harmful substances used by individuals who abuse it, early intervention could go a long way in curing it. 

In reality, every addiction can be treated with a total cure with a small amount of dedication from the addict together with support and love from family members. Additionally, being involved with medical professionals is essential.