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Get the Inside Scoop on Android Application Development

Nowadays, a business can't grow quickly without a mobile-friendly design. With the growth of the online retail industry each day, the development of mobile apps for businesses becomes essential. 

The developers of the Android Application Development Company are benefiting greatly from this trend since the worldwide portion of the Android operating system's system of operation is larger than other operating systems.

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A Beginners Guide to Android App Development in 2021

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The three types of mobile applications:

On the market, there are three methods to create applications for mobile devices. Companies decide on one option or the other, based on the guidelines we provide below for each kind of app.

1. Native applications

Native applications are designed for a specific platform and language with the help of the manufacturer's native framework. For instance, Apple develops in IOS using Cocoa Touch using the programming language Objective-C or Swift. For Android, the application is built using its Java language.

2. Web Applications App

They are completely web applications that utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They are designed at once and independent of your operating system. These apps are launched through the web browser on the device using the URL which is then the web page is adjusted to the dimensions of the display.

3. Hybrid applications

Hybrid applications are a mix of two kinds. This is a native app that only the web framework is utilized and the Web App application is displayed within.

There are several development frameworks, like Phone Gap, Titanium, etc., that can generate these kinds of applications.